A More Perfect Protein

The Future of Food Is Bright

Smallfood wants to inspire its customers to create more sustainable, nutritious foods with premium microbial ingredients—working together to evolve the way the world is nourished.

Our More Perfect Protein

  • High protein concentrate + >85%
  • Outstanding solubility & easy to formulate into drinks, foods and supplements
  • Superior amino acid profile, overcoming limitations of plant-based and other algae-based proteins
  • Predictable and secure supply chain
  • External environment does not impact the stability of our protein
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and highly digestible
  • Smallest environmental footprint for a protein concentrate – 7 days vs. 7 months
A graphic comparing soy / pea protein production to Smallfood. 7-9 months versus 7 days

Download our fact sheet for full details about our Protein

Factsheet cover

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