Whole Food: Protein-Rich DHA Complex

The Future of Seafood is Bright

Our unique wholefood ingredient will enable alternative seafood brands to create delicious, nutritious, fish-free, environmentally friendly seafood products that customers will love while reducing the pressure on our oceans so they can heal. 

3-in-1 Solution

  • Rich in protein, Omega3 DHA, with a natural seafood flavour 
  • Natural marine flavour, ideal for alt seafoods 
  • Outstanding functionality & easy to formulate  
  • Superior amino acid profile, overcoming limitations of plant-based and other algae-based proteins 
  • Predictable and secure supply chain 
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and highly digestible 

And because our microbe comes from the sea, it’s still called Seafood

Get in touch today if you would like more detailed specifications and to become an early adopter of next-generation ingredients for alternative seafood.


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